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A proposed Settlement has been reached to resolve a class action lawsuit regarding the Lely A4 automated milking system. If you are a Settlement Class Member, there are benefits available to you from the proposed Settlement. The easiest way to submit a claim is online.

To qualify for the benefits provided by the Settlement, you must have purchased or leased one or more new Lely A4 Robots in the United States.

Under the proposed Settlement, there are two different benefit options available to Settlement Class Members who timely submit claims (“Claimants”). Claimants must choose between:

  • Option 1 – Cash Payments and Extended Warranty (or Additional Cash): As part of the Settlement, Lely has established a cash fund of $49.75 million (“Cash Fund”), which may be subject to certain adjustments as described below in Question 8. A payment from the Cash Fund will be paid on a pro rata basis to Claimants who choose Option 1, based on the number of A4 Robots purchased or leased by the Claimants choosing this option. Claimants choosing Option 1 will also receive an additional $1,000 cash payment per A4 Robot owned or leased, and the ability to choose between an extended warranty or an additional $7,000 cash payment for each A4 Robot owned or leased. Option 1 does not require the Settlement Class Member to trade-in their A4 Robot(s).
  • Option 2 – New A5 Trade-In Program: Under Option 2, Claimants who select this option will be able to exchange their A4 Robot(s) for a brand new standard model A5 Robot. Claimants choosing Option 2 can keep using their A4 Robot(s) until the agreed upon date to exchange it for a new A5 Robot(s) under this program. The exchange requires the Settlement Class Member to turn in their A4 Robot(s) and pay $40,000 per A5 Robot received (standard retail price for an A5 Robot is approximately $150,000). Option 2 only covers the costs of a standard model A5 Robot: it does not include a central unit or cover costs related to transportation, installation, labor, upgrades, additional options or features, or any other costs, including removal costs associated with removing the A4 Robot(s). Delivery of a new A5 Robot can take up to six months or longer from the date of order, and while installation of an A5 Robot and removal of an A4 Robot can usually be completed within 12 hours, Lely cannot guarantee any specific timing as to delivery or installation and cannot guarantee any specific milking downtime associated with the removal and installation. If you select Option 2, you will receive NO cash payment under Option 1. If you choose Option 2, no money is due until you enter into a purchase agreement for the new A5 Robot, which will require a down payment of up to 20 percent (with the balance paid upon delivery).

The Court has preliminarily approved the Settlement and authorized this Notice to Settlement Class Members. Payments and trade-ins will be made if the Court approves the Settlement and after any appeals are resolved. Please be patient.